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W/E  1 April 2023

A clean out of my stock room revealed a box containing a wedge of Indian Court Documents from the 1940s. These are in very mixed condition but are most attractive having large Revenue stamps printed as headers in various values and colours. I acquired them during the final days of my auction house (Phoenix International)when they were put away in a box never to see the light of day for over twenty years. I regret I can’t read the details as they are all in native scripts but the  quality of the engravings is easy to appreciate. I have now listed many of them on the web site where usual discounts still apply.

Another mini-find was unearthing purchases made over the last two or three years. I have a number of personal collections and as a new items arrive, they go into a box to be sorted out later. ‘Later’ was last week when I  was pleasantly surprised by the number of ‘little’ items that can now be written up and displayed when I visit local Philatelic Societies. So over the next few weeks I will find time to devote to my 4 Shilling Collection, the GB penny Lilac, Mis-sent Mail, De La Rue Plate Blocks and Printers’ Samples.

Although we boast of having the largest thematic stock in Europe, we are always in need of new material. If you have a collection or accumulation to sell, please send us details.