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I\'m just back from a pleasure trip - I took my Mother-in-Law to the Airport.
I told my Mother-in-Law to take a trip to the Thousand Islands. I told her to spend a week on each island.
I bought my Mother-in-Law a chair, but they wouldn't let me plug it in.
My Mother-in-Law is so fat they\'re sending a rocket ship up to take photos of the other side of her.
I've just bought my Mother-in-Law a jaguar, but don't worry, I know what I'm doing, it's already bitten her twice.
I felt so sorry for my Mother-in-Law, I bought her some scaffolding to give her chin a rest.
My Mother-in-Law has had so many face lifts, she has to stand on tip-toe.
Lord Chief Justice Harris today laid down the maximum penalty for bigamy: two Mothers-in-law
My Mother-in-Law has got a new part-time job, during the Summer months they get her to swim up and down Loch Ness for the tourists.
My Mother-in-law very nearly had a great career in films. just before she was due to sign a long-term contract, the producer discovered Boris Karloff instead.
The bruised and bleeding man staggered into the police station.
'My Mother-in-law just knocked me down with her car,' he announced.
'Are you sure it was your Mother-in-law?' asked the station superintendent. 'Did you see her face?'
'No, I didn't see her face,' admitted the man, 'but I'd recognise that laugh anywhere.'
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